From Lawyer’s Stress to Inner Calm & Balance

In 2010, I fell ill with Lyme disease and my busy life came to a sudden halt. Until then, I had been a lawyer with a full practice, studying part-time next to my job and I had a busy social calendar. I was pretty much always running around.

Unfortunately, Western trained doctors could not help me heal. I stayed immensely tired with a very confused foggy mind for years. I was not able to work or do any physical exercise and social contact with other people was next to impossible. In the world of personal development this is called: a deep inner process is going on. And so it was.

In 2015, I left for Asia as apart from the inner process, my body really needed some extra support which I could not find here in the West. I knew that the Eastern traditions have an ability to balance the body & mind in ways that we have yet to understand. For 2.5 years I practised and studied (initially very gentle) Yoga & Meditation in Thailand, Bali and India. This helped me immensely on my profound journey of inner transformation. And in the end, it brought me the inner peace and true healing I had been searching for.

The effect on my own life was so phenomenal that this inspired me with a new mission in life – to bring this wisdom of peace and centredness to the Western world, and transform the frantic stress of our modern lives into a rewarding oneness with life.  In my practice, I help my clients to reclaim their inner balance; all aspects of our lives can then come into alignment. Healing from mental and physical diseases becomes much easier. We become more focused and productive in our work lives.  Our relationships begin to flow.

Coming from an inner centredness, your life in general becomes easier, unnecessary distractions are released, and the things that really matter begin to blossom.


Passion for Energy Healing
The transformational tools I use are Energy Healing, Coaching & Meditation. Of those, Energy Healing is my biggest passion. I started studying the world of energies when I was a child. I studied energy healing alongside my career in Law, becoming a Reiki Master at the age of 25, and studying for 4 years with the renowned Barbara Brennan School of Healing.

Subtle energies are a life-long passion for me. I find it fascinating to explore this unknown world; these energies are at the same time insubstantial, and immensely powerful if you know how to work with them.

It was working with subtle energies which transformed me into the person I am today.  I have been able to let go of so much fear and anger, so many inner blocks and so much self-sabotage. I feel incredibly light, freer and stronger than when I was 20.

Moreover, working with energy helped me to reconnect to my inner core. Being firmly connected to this place deep inside is a source of inner happiness and trust. Waves of creative energies emerge from this place, making it  now possible for me to express myself more creatively. All in all, energy work has completely transformed my world filling it with light and colour.


Deep Longing for Meditation
A strong part in me longs to be still and sit in silent meditation. It is one of my favourite pass-times and my year is not complete without at least a 10-day silent Vipassana meditation retreat. I prefer three weeks as a minimum.

The practice of meditation has given me a deep inner peace and clarity of sight. Since starting this practice, I am much more effective and focused in everything I do. I am more present with other people, making deeper contact possible.

My life choices are now aligned with health and well-being. Sometimes I even wonder how I was able to live before I had this clearer and more centred state of mind! What I have gained on my journey is precious beyond measure.

  • I have an immense passion for living
  • I am always in search of a deeper truth
  • I love to meditate with people
  • I love company and laughter in a setting where all is welcome


  • I dream of a world which is peaceful, creative and loving
  • I love working towards this dream
  • I have a weak spot for hot chocolate
  • I am incredibly fond of children & animals
Working Experience Healing & Mindfulness
2016-today Workshops in Reiki & Energy Dynamics while Traveling through Asia; Yoga Classes in the Netherlands
2014-today Mindfulness Training to Groups and Individuals
2011-today Energy Healing Practice (1:1 Sessions)
2009/2011 Assistant Brennan Healing Science Workshops



In my life, I trained extensively as a Lawyer and as an Energy Healer, Yoga & Meditation Trainer. The first helped me to see clearly and strengthened my character. The latter gave me depth, knowledge of subtle energy fields and a loving understanding of the challenges people go through. Here a summary, please see my LinkedIn-page for more.



2007 NautaDutilh, International Arbitration Lawyer
2005 Simmons & Simmons, Int. Arbitration Lawyer
2004 LLM International Law, Leiden University (cum laude)
2003 Ecole Nationale des Études Politiques de Paris, France
2003 Internat. Pleading Competition, Peace Palace, The Hague
2002 Bachelors Dutch Law, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

Energy Healer, Yoga & Mindfulness Trainer
2016-17 Thailand, Vipassana at Wat Chom Tong, Wat Tam Wua, Wat Suan Mokkh, Wat Kow Tahm & Yoga
2015 Thailand, Bali & India, Yoga & Meditation Training; Himalayan Yoga Tradition Teacher Training
2013 Mindfulness Trainer, See True Training, Netherlands & Vipassana Dipabhavan, Thailand
2012 Bach Flower Remedies Training
2011 Theta Healing Level 1 and 2
2009 Aura Soma Course Level 1 and 2
2008-2012 Barbara Brennan School of Healing Europe


2003 Reiki Master
2002 Reiki Practitioner

1999 Louise Hay Affirmation Work
1996 Silva Mind Control
1990 Starting Passion for Metaphysical Books