Online Mindfulness Program


Mindfulness Bases Stress Reduction (MBSR) Program for High-Performing Women

Conflicting and unhealthy thoughts create a lot of stress in our mind & body. My MBSR program teaches you to come back to inner calm & balance by:

  • learning to silently observe your inner world of thoughts and emotions
  • releasing judgments about yourself
  • becoming more aware of your inner stress causes
  • learning how to shift your thoughts, so that emotions as anxiety and anger can shift to more realistic, neutral and/or joyful and compassionate levels
The importance of calming down our mind
Calming down our mind is essential in today’s hectic society. In a roughly flowing full stream you can only see muddy water. On the other hand, in a still lake the sand falls down to the bottom and you can see clearly what lies deep below the surface.

When you are always busy, you have no means of knowing yourself or what is essential to your life & well-being. Your mind is like that muddy stream, always full and always clouded.

Even more crucial at work, if you work non-stop, you lose your focus, clear sightedness and your creativity.

To live a happy & fulfilling life, you need to become quiet and listen, placing your attention within. To be productive at work and come up with creative solutions, you need clarity and centredness in your mind. Let me teach you how to do this.

How many sessions do you need?
You can come for one session to try out how I work and whether you think Mindfulness training is right for you. However, to make real and lasting changes in your life, you will typically need a couple of sessions.

I am happy to tailor our sessions together to your unique requirements, with the perfect combination of techniques training and advice.
We can also meditate together, as this practice is also more powerful when done together. I am an experienced meditator with a daily 1 hour meditation practice. l have done several long silent Vipassana meditation retreats (12-16 hr meditation per day no talking or reading allowed) which has created a deep inner space of quietness within me which is of benefit to the people meditating with me as well.

Or you can do the complete 8-week Mindfulness (MBSR) training. This will give you a solid foundation to experience life from a more balanced and centred place. It will teach you easy to use techniques to maintain your practice after the course.

8-week Mindfulness Training
The 8-week MBSR training (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) by founder Jon Kabat-Zinn is a step-by-step process designed to teach you how to calm your stressed mind down using easy techniques. Working on being more mindful for 8 consecutive weeks creates a solid foundation for inner balance and centredness.

At the moment, I only give the training on an individual basis. However, if you get a group together I am most happy to teach you as a group with a reduction of the individual fee.

What are the costs?

Mindfulness Training (individual):
– 60-minute session – EUR 100
– 90-minute session EUR 150

Mindfulness 8 week training (individual):
– 8 x 60-minute session = EUR 699
– 8 x 90-minute session = EUR 999

My qualifications
I graduated from my MBSR Teacher Training with SeeTrue in the Netherlands in 2013. SeeTrue is linked to the University of Maastricht. Since then, I have trained others and deepened my own meditation experience by a total of 3 months of Vipassana meditation retreats (12-16 hours of meditation and no talking or reading allowed). I did two 3 week retreats under some of the greatest Vipassana teachers in Asia (e.g. Ajahn Tong of Wat Chom Thong, Thailand), with the benefit of accelerated inner clearing.

I continue my own development with courses at the Centrum voor Mindfulness in Amsterdam. Further, I keep a daily 1 hour meditation practice in my life and attend yearly Vipassana retreats.

All in all, I find the benefits-output of meditation by far outreach the time-input, and I can wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone.